Australian Opals USA

Opal isn't cut into beads very often, but when we can find them,
we bring them to you !

Ceramic Glass Beads !
Great rondel cut strands.
Round Beads.
Freeform Beads.
Boulder Matrix Beads !
Are you interested in loose beads ?
Chrysoprase beads !


Lustrous White base Beads WERE $85 per strand.
NOW only $50 per strand !!

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Beautiful Rondel cut beads from Mintubi !

Here's a fabulous Mintubi rondell strand for only $5,000.00 !!
THIS STRAND IS SOLD, but there are two 'sister' strands just below.

Unbelievable Andamooka Crystal 57 carats 4-6.5mm $4,000 !!
Close Up

Here's another dark Mintubi rondell strand for $1,500.00 !!

Here's another beautiful Mintubi rondell strand
from Crystal Valley, only $1,250.00 !!

Here's a gem Bright white Mintubi rondell strand only $1,800.00 !!

Mintubi Dark Base Crystal Valley 106 carats 5-9mm $1,750.00 !!
Close Up

Here's a beautiful Mintubi rondell strand for $1,750.00 !!

This beautiful white base Mintubi rondell strand is only $1,500.00 !!

This beautiful white base Mintubi rondell strand is only $1,000.00 !!

And here's some very lovely blue-green rondell cut beads for
only $600 per strand !
(A better picture of one of these)

These are dark base rondell cuts for $1000 per strand.

Sorry....These are SOLD

And we have white base rondells with reds and greens at $750

This is a graduated strand of 3.5mm to 6mm rounds,
with a total of 46 carats,
Only $150

Black base 4 to 7mm rondels from Lightning Ridge at $100

A closer look

Very nice Dark Base freeform beads from Lambina !

Even more very beautiful Opal beads !